starting from now we'll be using pos laju only for d shipment..y? bcoz..some of our customer didnt get their parcel via pos xpres.. :(

Handle with care :)

ladies.. please only dry clean/hand wash ur scarfs..n do not soak it for too long..if possible just dip it and hang it to dry ..okey :)


starting from today until further notice postage will be done from kl ya..not from sarawak.. and if you wanna see our pretty-pretty stuff you can come to our place at kuang-sg.buloh..but please email for an appointment :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

clearance part two!!!

simply stripez! before was rm20 NOW RM15 only!!!!
buy 2 and get 1 free!!
so you can just choose 3 colors from simply stripez..and pay only RM30!!
hurry!!while stock last!!

xss black not available at the moment!

xss light pink available!

xss candy pink available!

gss cornflower blue available!

xss candy purple available!

gss candy blue sold out!

xss harsh purple available!


  1. salam
    i'm interested to get three from
    yg purple,pink n lite green tuh..hehe

    xss harsh purple
    gss candy blue
    xss candy pink

  2. Puan ain..u just isi form k kat purchase order form tab above